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People enter the tech industry in many different ways and our team is no exception. Wassim Azimi was put under the microscope to share his story of coming from Afghanistan to live in Metz. Click on this link or the podcast above to hear more.

Interviewer: I guess you are working both with the companies that are hiring and the people who are job hunting of those two groups. With whom are you spending most time with?

The Luxembourg Experience first podcast with Wassim Azimi

Wassim: For sure, the candidates, as far as we’re concerned at Lancelot, and the IT sector is built like that, nowadays, you have a lot of offers, and in IT a lot of requirements coming in now. But to the candidates, there is a shortage of candidates, and the market is tense currently. So, it’s even more true right now.

Interviewer: But, how are you finding these candidates then? Because surely Luxembourg, it’s quite a small market, right?

Wassim: Yeah, at Lancelot, we have actually a strong local footprint. So we try to look for candidates locally, but you know, nothing can stop us from finding the right candidates for the right positions, not even the borders, to be honest.

Interviewer: Have you ever placed somebody in a job? And you thought to yourself, well, actually, I would quite like that position myself.

Wassim: Yeah, of course, many times. You know, as a recruiter, we we are confronted with different candidates and different profiles. And sometimes when you see that salary mentioned, and it’s higher than 100k, it makes you think, you know, you want to change jobs and sectors. But no, I actually love my job. And, you know, I’m not envying any of them.

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